It is our task to supply our different customers with fresh fruits and vegetables that comply with the up to date EU Pesticides Regulations and Legislations that always within or under the EU MRL limits, (Maximum Residue Levels).

We have a full Pesticide Management over all our fresh produce through following an Integrated Pest Management System, (IPM), as to limit, minimize and rationalize the use of the chemical compounds in all our supplied fresh fruits and vegetables to be nearly free from pesticides compounds.

Our team is very aware of the Up-to-date EU Pesticides Regulations and also the Directives of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. We act according to Plant Protection Plan List for all our fresh products that respect the EU MRL and we work according to Spray Application Records when applying pesticides on our fresh produce as to help us having more full control over the used chemicals.

We do follow a Positive Release System in our fresh fruits and vegetables supply through a well trained team in Pesticides Management who periodically take samples from each fresh product prior to harvest that cover all the grown plots/areas that are ready to be harvested and to be sent to subcontracted accredited labs to be tested against the EU MRL to have the analysis tests before the expected harvesting date, packing and releasing the shipments to our different customers.