As quality and efficiency is ensured through the use of a full traceability system in fresh fruits and vegetables supply, we have a full traceability system in our fresh produce supply as our fresh produce can be traced from seeds till reaching end customer through a full documented cycle.

Forward or Backward traceability can be conducted in all our fresh fruits and vegetables through the label that is placed on the final product carton boxes as this label refers to the packed variety and the Lot number that placed on the label through which forward and backward traceability can be easily conducted in shortest time.

The Lot number placed on the final packed carton box includes farm code, packing location and packing date and from this Lot number, we can go back to field plots and sub-plots to have our traceability details.

For Pesticides traceability in our fresh produce, we can trace the applications of pesticides easily through some documents that used in our Integrated Pesticide Management system.